Junior Groups

Junior Groups

If you're a parent or guardian of a young child and you're looking for a fun and engaging way to introduce them to the world of music, then look no further than our junior group classes!

Our junior group classes are specifically designed for children aged 4-7 years old and are the perfect way to kick-start your child's music education. These classes are a great way for your child to develop their rhythmical, aural, singing and general motor skills, all of which are important for any student looking to progress onto individual and specialised instrumental classes.

One of the key benefits of our junior group classes is that they strike the perfect balance between education and fun. Children will be exposed to a wide range of instruments, including piano, ukulele, xylophone, guitar, tin-whistle, drums and more, and will have the opportunity to explore and experiment with different sounds and styles of music. Our classes also place a strong emphasis on learning basic music theory, as well as singing simple songs and developing basic vocal skills.

But perhaps one of the greatest benefits of our junior group classes is the exposure to different styles of music. Our classes cover a range of genres including musical theatre, classical, trad, jazz, and pop music. This means that your child will have the opportunity to explore different types of music and discover where their musical interests truly lie.

Our junior group classes are run by Grace Kelly, an experienced and enthusiastic teacher who has a wealth of musical knowledge and expertise. Classes are held weekly and run for 30 minutes. Groups generally consist of around 4 students, which allow for plenty of individual attention and support from the teacher.

Another great benefit of our junior group classes is the opportunity for children to make new friends and develop good social skills. By staying in the same group for the duration of the term, children have the chance to build relationships and work together as a team.

If you're interested in enrolling your child in our junior group classes, or if you'd like to join our waiting list, then please don't hesitate to get in touch. We look forward to welcoming you and your child to the exciting and rewarding world of music education!

Teacher: Grace Kelly