RIAM Exams

Royal Irish Academy of Music Exams

Mayo School of Music serves as an examination center for the prestigious Royal Irish Academy of Music assessments.

These musical evaluations not only offer a structured path for advancement and holistic musical growth but also hold considerable weight in Personal Statements and CVs. They underscore students' self-discipline and motivation, qualities highly valued in university admissions and employment opportunities.

Nevertheless, it's crucial to maintain a balance between exam preparation and fostering technique, musical understanding, and repertoire expansion, all while relishing the joy of performing beautiful music across diverse settings.

At our schools, RIAM Exams occur once per term, providing students with regular opportunities to showcase their musical prowess and progress.

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About RIAM

The Royal Irish Academy of Music stands as Ireland’s oldest conservatoire, recognized among the top 50 institutions worldwide for the performing arts. Here, we nurture talented musicians from diverse backgrounds, preparing them for careers in music performance, composition, and pedagogy. Our alumni emerge as innovative and introspective individuals, equipped with the skills to embrace the challenges of a creative life with assurance and enthusiasm.

Our esteemed faculty comprises numerous internationally acclaimed prize-winners and leaders of professional orchestras across Ireland. Among them are figures synonymous with music education in Ireland, driven by a deep passion for guiding gifted students towards unlocking their artistic potential.

Distinguished international artists frequently grace our halls, including luminaries like Sir James Galway, Ann Murray DBE, guitarist Xuefei Yang, and violinist Daniel Rowland.

Renowned for their dynamism and fervor, our performing ensembles receive accolades for their compelling performances. They are regularly invited to showcase their talents at prestigious venues both within Ireland and abroad.