We are delighted to introduce The John Kavanaugh Studio, a remarkable new facility available at our Kiltimagh school. As a result, we are thrilled to offer an exciting opportunity to students from both schools. They can now take advantage of our Band Rehearsal space.

In this space, students are provided with the means to come together and engage in the joy of playing and exploring music. They can practice and rehearse within a band setting, alongside other like-minded students of similar ages and abilities. Not only does this opportunity allow students to enhance their musical skills, but it also provides a great source of enjoyment. Moreover, it contributes to building confidence and fosters the development of new friendships and creative collaborations.

Equipped with a wide variety of instruments and music gear, such as a PA system, microphones, acoustic guitar, piano, keyboard, drums, percussion, electric guitar, and bass guitar amps, students have the freedom to rehearse, experiment, and create music in a fun and relaxed environment. Our Band Rehearsal Coordinator, who is a member of our teaching staff, is available to offer assistance if needed.

Our goal is to match students for band rehearsals as effectively as possible. If you would like to be part of a band, enjoy playing music in a laid-back and informal setting, and develop new friendships, please fill out the form below. Each band will be allocated a weekly one-hour time slot. 

To join a band/group, please complete our Band Matching Questionnaire