School Policies

School Policies

A €20 booking deposit is required in order to secure a place on any of the scheduled courses as run by The Mayo School of Music.

If a scheduled course is cancelled on the part of the Mayo School of Music, the booking deposit will be refunded in full. If the student cancels his/her secured position on any of the scheduled courses for any reason, the student forfeits any booking deposit they may have paid.

If a teacher is unable to complete a term, the school will provide alternative arrangements so that all scheduled lessons can be completed. 

The Mayo School of Music reserves the right to refuse admission to any of the above mentioned courses after the booking form and/or deposit has been received. In this instance the booking deposit will be refunded in full.

All fees must be paid on or before the Enrollment Day. In the event that the fees are not paid by this time, the booking deposit is automatically forfeited and the secured place may be re-opened to facilitate another student.

If a teacher misses a lesson, the teacher will re-schedule this lesson.

If a student misses a lesson this lesson is forfeited.